Little Egret by Phillip Tomkinson

The Rare Breeding Birds Panel would like to thank everyone who has contributed bird records to the Panel’s archives, thus furthering our ornithological knowledge and supporting the conservation of these species and their habitats.

To assist with the compliation of the 2016 report, the following county recorders, assistants and report editors submitted data directly to the Rare Breeding Birds Panel. The RBBP is very grateful for all these individuals (listed here in alphabetic order) who have contributed this way: Nick Adams, Steve Atkins, Richard Baatsen, Louise Bacon, Carl Baggott, Yvonne Benting, Keith Betton, Steve Blain, Phil Bristow, Bob Bullock, Richard Burness, Kendrew Colhoun, Tom Chinnick, Kevin Clements, Paul Collin, Mick Colquhoun, Jon Cook, Martin Cook, Ian Court, Tim Dean, Jim Dickson, Geoff Dobbs, Jim Dustow, Iain English, Phil Espin, Tom Francis, Rob Fray, Roy Frost, Alan Gardiner, Jeremy Gates, Brian Gibbs, Ian Grant, Jon Green, Mike Haigh, Andy Hall, Andy Harding, Gary Harper, Steve Haynes, John Headon, Chris Hind, Angus Hogg, Pete Jennings, Russell Jones, Andrew King, Andrew Kinghorn, Mark Lawlor, Mark Lawson, Neil Lawton, Ian Lewington, Nick Littlewood, Mark Mallalieu, Sinclair Manson, John Martin, Ian McKerchar, Allen Moore, Chris Murphy, Dave Parker, David Parkinson, David Parnaby, Scott Paterson, Steven Payne, Chris Pendlebury, Nick Pomiankowski, Rhion Pritchard, Hugh Pulsford, Shaun Robson, Kevin Rylands, Andrew Self, Graham Spashott, Ian Spence, James Spencer, Darryl Spittle, Peter Stronach, Mick Tracey, David Walsh, Dan Webb, Stephen Welch, Steve White, Jim Williams, John Williamson, Val Wilson, Stephen Wood, David Wright, Glyn Young & Bernie Zonfrillo.

Our apologies to anyone who has accidentally been omitted from this list. Please tell us so that any mistakes can be rectified.

This website was designed and constructed by Ian Andrews and is maintained by the RBBP Secretary.

We would like to thank the photographers (listed below) who have kindly allowed their photographs to be used on this website. The photographs were largely collected as part of the SOC's Birds of Scotland project for the new book of the same name – see Derek McGinn, Edmund Fellowes, Eric McCabe, John Dickenson, Kev Joynes, Mark Hamblin, Paul French, Phillip Tomkinson, Stef McElwee and Steve Garvie. Additional photographs were kindly provided by Derek Moore and Mark Holling.

Philippa Mitchell is thanked for drawing the RBBP logo.

The Rare Breeding Birds Panel is supported by JNCC (on behalf of the countryside agencies), RSPB and BTO.


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